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Frankie & Brayden

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It’s been a while since beefy, bald hunk Frankie has shown us the goods, but he’s so ready to get back into the swing of things, and today he gets to feast on ripped, good-looking Brayden. He’s super dominant, and it’s pretty sexy, says Brayden. Yeah, well you’re going to find out, replies Frankie. If I’m getting topped then it has to be a little rough, and dominant. I’m pretty open to anything as long as we connect, responds Brayden. Be careful what you ask for! I’m going to do anything I wanna do, and I’m going to tell you exactly how I want my dick sucked, but I want to show you cause I’m not a big talker, more of a do-er, affirms Frankie. Yeah, you gonna push me on it? asks Brayden playfully. I’m gonna make you eat all of it! says a horny Frankie.

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