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Jack & Jamie

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Muscular Jack is ready to take on toned Jamie after a long jog on the beach. Jamie doesn’t usually have sex with strangers, in fact it’s my first time, he says. Do you like muscles? Asks Jack. Definitely, responds Jamie. Well you’re about to have a nice rodeo, I’ll tell you that, says Jack. I can see that you have a nice ass, I’m pretty excited to stick my dick in there, says Jack. That sounds hot, responds Jamie. You’re going to like it, trust me. It’s nice and girthy, says Jack. Oh ya, I want that so bad, says Jamie eagerly even though he’s nervous about getting fucked by Jack. I think it’s the size of my dick he’s nervous about, laughs Jack. Ya, it’s pretty big, I’m pretty nervous, says Jamie before Jack starts running his hands down Jamie’s chest.

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