10 questions with … Wesley Woods

10 questions with .. Wesley Woods

1. What were you doing career wise before starting in porn?

I worked in sales – began as a retail queen, worked in the fitness industry and sports industry.

2. What drew you in to wanting to be involved in this industry?

I didn’t really “think” about it, I thought I could make some money and maybe have fun and here I am, working in porn! For me, working in porn is liberating – it’s edgy, it’s different, it’s perfect!

3. What has been the funniest thing has that happened to you on set?

Hard to pick a certain moment – I’m always laughing with everyone on set! Conversations between the actors and directors/crew are unlike anything you’ve ever heard – it’s entertaining.

4. What has been your favourite scene you have filmed so far and why?

Designation scenes are the best – you’re going to fly me to a city, pay for the hotel and pay me to have sex with a dude – which, I would have been doing anyway ..?!?! Perfect!

5. Who has been your favourite scene partner and why?

There’s too many to list – I enjoy performers who act professional and don’t complicate the scene. No dick divas on set please.

6. Is there anyone that you would like to work with?

hey, I’m just happy to be there! I want the other performers to feel the same.

7. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start out in this industry?

Trust your gut, if it don’t feel right, it ain’t! This also applies when preparing for a bottom scene.

8. What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I haven’t owned a car in 4 years – I walk or Uber everywhere, it’s AMAZING!

9. When not shooting porn what do you like to do in your spare time?

My typical day off is pretty routine – coffee, hike/gym, write (jokes, short stores, whatever inspires me), FOOD and close out the day with an evening walk and cuddles on the couch.

10. Last question, who is your ‘gay porn crush’?

Chi Chi LaRue. It would never work – she snores.

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