UK Hot Jocks: RUBBERGEDDON – Scene 5

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A trio of muscle, latex and pure sexual tension are spread over the Rubbergeddon lair. Aarin, alone and horny fumbles with his rubber clad junk, tweaks his sensitive nips and glares over at the other two, who have their own plans for him. Kayden and Leander are in cahoots with each other. No words spoken but the objective clear, bang the fuck out of that boy! Bold and brassy Aarin saunters over to to the duo, they’ve been waiting for him to make the first move. The gap closes and before a move is made, Kayden grabs the D-ring on his rubber harness and pulls him in. Snogging hard while Leander inspects his hairy bubble butt, smacking and priming it for the abuse thats about to come. 3 way kissing, 3 way groping leads to 3 had dicks all pointing at each other, h! ands swapping, shafts pumping, horn growing. Aarin is pushed down and is commanded to suck both Leander and Kaydens massive dicks, taking turns and then stretching his mouth wide enough to take BOTH fat cocks in there at the same time, both pumping simultaneously into his gob, a seemingly unbelievable feat! You ain’t seen nothing yet, this is just the warm up act. Immediately getting him into a spit roast position, Kayden takes up the rear and Leander the end making the most noise! The boys give him a gentle start but it doesn’t last long! Soon they’re both ploughing each side relentlessly! Reaching over the back of their fuck boy Leander and Kayden kiss, spit, slow down for a second then take the tempo right back to hard and heavy. Dragging him over to the sling, he’s about to get the tag teaming of his life! Giant cocks either end, arse exposed, full access. Leander is first to take his arse and Kayden stuffs his mouth full again. Rattling chains, and Aarin’s muffled A! merican accent are superseded by the the boys taking all their! pleasure from him, laughing with enjoyment, high-fiving and swapping sides! Aarin grabs onto Leander’s rubber clad butt and pushes his dick further into his mouth, the boy is hungry as fuck! Hole being stretched to the max by Kayden’s seriously wide load cock. Swap again, like any good tag-team it isn’t over until the bottom gives up or they think of something even harder and filthier to do… turns out it’s the latter. Lying scissored with each other Kayden and Leander, dicks are lined up right next to each other in the same direction, that direction being straight up Aarins arse! He lowers himself cautiously down onto both excessive hard-ons, this really is the stretch of all stretch’s! We’ve not heard Aarin make THAT kind of noise all sleazy rubber session, this is something else! The whole trio are grunting and groaning like a group of men trying to stuff something hard! They both grab Aarin’s chest harness, pulling him back down onto both hard cocks, which must ! be as wide as a fist at the least, stretching his fuck hole to new limits! The boys are gonna burst, time for a new position, right over Aarin’s extremely accomplished looking face, Kayden and Leander blow big creamy fuckers right over his beard and mouth, enough to make any slut bottom blow his own huge load… and he does.

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