Men over 30: Ali Liam & Micah Brandt

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Ali and Micah are in the locker room and Micah is very horny to be fucked. Ali is a little reluctant to have sex because he does not want to get caught, but Micah convinces him. ¬†Soon both of their clothes are coming off and they both are kissing fiercely licking each other in every spot they can. Micah gets down on his knees and begins sucking Ali’s hard cock gagging and spitting all over it. Ali then sucks Micah long and deep. Micah then bends Ali over and rims his ass for a while before having Ali rim his ass. They both take turns licking and sucking on each other’s eager hole until Ali is ready to fuck Micah. Ali starts to fuck Micah and the utter passion between the two is unmistakable. They can’t keep their hands off one another let alone stop kissing. Ali continues to fuck Micah’s tight ass in several positions which puts him over the edge and Micah shoots a nice load of cum on himself. He then begs Ali to feed him his cum which he gladly releases his built up load all over Micah’s eager face and mouth.


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