Drill My Hole: The Witness Part 2 (Bareback)



Out now at MEN.com

The Witness Part 2 (Bareback) with Tristan Jaxx and Michael Jackman

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Out now at MEN.com

Michael Jackman has just been double-crossed by his former lover Bruce Beckham. Bruce comes in to watch his interrogation as the officers handling him try to pin him down. Michael strips down, showing off his incredible physique in an attempt to get Bruce back on his side, but when handsy police officer Tristan Jaxx walks in on the nude hunk things take a turn. Bearded and toned Tristan hungrily rims the locked-up hottie before bending him over and pounding his tight hole up against the double-sided glass. But, of course, things never turn out exactly as expected in this suspenseful series…

Out now at MEN.com

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