Drill My Hole: My Boyfriend The Bottom (Bareback)

Out now at MEN.com

My Boyfriend The Bottom (Bareback) with Colby Tucker and Wesley Woods

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Out now at MEN.com

Muscular hunk Colby Tucker met athletic beau Wesley Woods online, but did not realize he was strictly a bottom bitch. Being a versatile top himself, dark-haired Colby just needed to get fucked in the ass at least once, but tattooed Wesley wasn’t having it. Colby would often enjoy some solo time with his toy when Wesley wasn’t around, only this time he got caught in the act! Wesley couldn’t believe it, but he was so turned on by the sight of Colby’s dildo going in and out of his tight hole that he finally gave in, and plugged his bottom just the way he likes it.

Out now at MEN.com



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