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Jay Austin

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Jay Austin is a corn-fed hunk of a stud from Iowa; but, currently living in California. We learn during his interview that he currently owns a farm where he grows organic vegetables; but, would love to raise pigs one day. He strips off his shirt, exposing a ripped, lightly furry chest and abs. As he stands, the bulge in his jean shorts becomes quite noticeable and he offers to take off his shorts. Standing there in his jockstrap our producer tells Jay to bend over the sofa so he can get a good camera angle on Jay’s hot ass. Jay immediately gets into the situation, spreads his butt and starts playing with his hole. He inquires if there are any toys to play with and is handed a thick, red butt plug which Jay lubes up and quite quickly shoves up his ass. His cock is rock-hard and hanging straight down as he starts jacking it while he plays with the butt-plug lodged deep in his hole. Jay stands and turns around. He grabs his thick, veiny dick and after applying a little spit he starts jerking it hard and fast. Jay discovers another jacking toy, squirts some lube into it and slides it up and down on his dick. With one hand pounding his meat and the other hand probing his ass, Jay was quickly ready to blow. As his body tightens, his balls almost completely disappear and he starts squirting load after load of thick juicy cum all over his sculpted abs.

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